A Quick Look At Retail Marketing

When it comes to Retail Marketing, utilizing the available types of discounting are priority. Every business wants customer loyalty and there are ways to assure this. By making use of Loyalty cards, customers have an added incentive which will keep them coming back as repeat customers. These cards go by different names, depending on the area of the world in which the customer lives.

People who live in the United states typically refer to these as rewards cards, advantage cards, club cards or discount cards. People in Canada call them by both points cards and rewards cards. Citizens of Great Britain simply call them loyalty cards. Wherever they are found, and whatever name they known by, these discount cards are being used by many practical shoppers.

Many of these types of cards contain a magnetic strip or barcode for the purpose of scanning it. Others can have a microchip inside them which is then read by the scanning device. There is also the ability to make these in a small enough size to be mounted on a keyring making easy access to it for the customer and sufficient reason to sign up for an account that will benefit them greatly.

Companies can customize whatever type of discounting they wish to implement for their loyalty program. Such as, offering 10% discount after a specified total amount of money has been spent. By doing this, it can provide the company with additional data that this customer might be more likely to remain loyal if they have to do something to get the reward card.

A bookstore vendor might set up a loyalty program that requires the customer to purchase a certain number of books before their discounting card takes effect. Many book lovers would appreciate this type of thank you from the company they purchase from. Other businesses might require a two for the price of one offer where an additional discount is provided at a certain purchase amount.

Major airlines can benefit greatly from using these type of cards for the frequent flyer discounts. The more a person travels with that airline the more miles they store up and the better the discount on their next flight, perhaps even a free flight. For business people this can add up to a large savings and make their trip less stressful,

Motel and lodging companies can also offer these discount programs, by giving special rates and discounts for rooms and other accommodations to continue to be loyal to that company. Another place where the public is always in need of being able to save money is at the gasoline stations. A loyalty program could be setup to provide a discount after so much volume of gasoline.

As discount methods go, the Loyalty One provides the best for both consumer and the business to be able to increase their revenue. Any type of discount that a company might want to offer can be set up on one of these reward programs. In Retail Marketing, this offers the best of both worlds for establishing customer branding and their repeat business.

Creating Reward program since 1981, we’ll design a loyalty strategy to meet your goals, surpass your customers’ expectations, and inspire long-term loyalty and growth.

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