Advantages Of Crystal Reports 8.0.

Currently, Seagate Crystal Reports takes a leading position in the market of report generators. In addition to three editions of this product (Standard, Developer and Professional), delivered directly by Seagate Software, Crystal Reports is included in some tools of the development of BI tools.

Distinctive features of the latter one, the eighth version of the product, are: support for a variety of mechanisms for data access; extensive range of tools of automatic generation of layouts of standard reports; a precise graphic designer of report templates; tools for integration with development tools and applications of Microsoft Office in the form of plug-ins; support for publication of reports on the Internet with an accurate reproduction in browser; the presence of an ASP-server for generating reports in the delivery complete set, as well as the ability to create simple OLAP reports.

Traditionally, Crystal Reports is focused on four different categories of users:

Ordinary users that, as a rule, are not specialists in the area of information technologies who need to retrieve information from corporate databases quickly and cost-effectively;

Professionals, who are professionally engaged in the preparation of reports in their organization;

Professionals in the field of Internet-technologies;

Software developers.

For each category of users Crystal Reports offers its own set of tools.

Creators of Crystal Reports have provided a lot of experts, allowing non-professionals in the field of information technology to prepare enough complex reports by themselves. With the help of these experts even an untrained user can create a report containing the grouping, summing, sorting, complex selection, formatting of presentational quality, business graphics and data binding of the report to the geographical map literally for 2-3 minutes. In the new version 8.0 the user interface of the main module of report template creation – Reports Designer – is improved significantly. The tools of positioning, alignment, and sizing up, moving objects of the report are also improved. This is especially important when creating reports for the use in printed form.

Today our world is the world of modern technologies. These days the more your work flow is automated, the better, especially when it refers to Business Intelligence. Reporting is a very important thing. So if you need to automate your reporting activities, you might think of trying SQL Server solution. Having reporting automated will lead to minimizing repetitive tasks and saving time and money. Visit this Crystal Reports site to find out more detailed information.

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