Key Points In Retail Marketing That Will Help You

Experienced business people know that it takes a great deal to create a small business which will stand the test of time. Things like product quality, location, customer loyalty, customer service, and industry knowledge play vital roles in the business. But so does something else. Without a good retail marketing plan, the business will die shortly after the businesses first opens its doors. No business owner can afford to forget about marketing, it should be something they think about all the time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of retail a business sells, or what part of the world the business is located in, the basics of marketing remain the same. When properly applied there are four phases of marketing that will help turn any small businesses into a profitable venture.

There is no denying that having good customer knowledge and customer loyalty as well as an excellent product are important factors in the success of a business, but neither of those things will mean anything if the small business doesn’t get any foot traffic.

It is up to the business owner to get the word out that they are up and running. Some excellent forms of marketing in small towns include; fliers, grand opening parties, loyalty cards, a reward program, radio announcements, and ads in the local newspaper.

Getting the customers inside the shop is a good start but it isn’t going to be enough to keep the retail store in business. To stay in business, the customers have to make purchases and it is up to the business owner to come up with marketing ideas that will coax the customers to open their wallets. Discounts and sales are just one method for generating purchases. Business owners should also visit their competitors shops and see what they do to encourage the customers to stop browsing and start buying.

One of the biggest marketing dilemmas shop owners face is how to encourage their customers to purchase the items that will create the biggest profit. While the shop’s success might not depend on the sales of these items, they do give the owner some breathing room. Some shop owners have found that sales and a loyalty one program will generate the sale they need, other shop owners have found that placing the item near similar, more expensive items is enough to get the customer thinking they are getting a deal and would be foolish to let the opportunity slip away.

While marketing might be the life blood of a retail store, repeat customers equal the heart and soul of the business. The rule of thumb is that it takes twice as much time and money to create a new customer as it does to maintain the loyalty of an old one. Good customer service is one of the best ways to make sure customers come back over and over again, as is having a quality product and competitive pricing.

The business owner should not get so wrapped up in Retail marketing that they ignore their functions in the community. Business owners who are active community members are almost always the most successful ones. Each time the business owner steps out into the world, they are creating an opportunity to network and gain customers. Wearing clothing with the company name is one practical way to advertise a small business, but an even better way is meeting people and talking to them. Don’t forget to listen too; you never know when you may hear something that you could incorporate into your business plan.

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