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Company brands which have been domed are in high need. Domed labels are the perfect way to differentiate your brand from the competition, enhance your image, and give your logo or graphics a more up-scale, appealing look. Domed business labels are more than just standard domed stickers that are durable and attractive. Business labels that have been domed provide the low cost, high quality impression a business brand or image needs to communicate quality and durability.

Domed business labels are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Is your business looking for a more rugged labeling solution? Custom label printing for waterproof and weatherproof labels, or embossed labels can be used for countless applications.

Some of the more popular uses for business labels include:

On Equipment

Barcode and Consecutive Numbered Labels

Varying Data Labels

Warning Labels

Tamper Resistant Labels

For Customized Logos

For Promotional Products

For Product Packaging

Identity Tags and Nameplates

Clear Decals

“Dome Overs” intended for LED Devices or Buttons

Domed labels are long lasting, weather protected, thick, very clear polyurethane domes on a full-color label. They’re resistant to physical damage, and are ultra-violet resistant so they’re not going to lose color or yellow when utilized outdoors or subjected to sunlight. High-quality label manufacturers incorporate films and surface finishes which are resistance against solvents, harsh chemicals, moisture, and salt spray. Your custom business labels need to be produced RoHS compliant.

Domed labels are manufactured by silk screening, offset printing, or digitally printing a decal, and applying polyurethane over the decal producing a three dimensional look. Labels are typically available in rectangle, square, circle, oval and triangle shapes, but some manufacturers specialize in custom shapes and custom colors. Domes can be made from a wide variety of materials including paper, foils, films, mylar, vinyl, holographic, and fluorescent materials. Labels are available in different color printed types, such as pan tone and metallic shades. Brushed silver or gold, and chrome silver or gold are the most popular choices.

The domed labels are made with permanent, removable or all-temperature adhesive backings, as well as low energy adhesives specific to electronic applications. Labels can also be printed with consecutive numbering and bar codes. Domed labels are produced in a way that allows as little as one label to be printed at a reasonable price. Some manufacturers offer a generic clear dome that the customer sticks to their own printed labels or decals, and others offer a label that is coated for durability, but not domed.

Depending upon the polyurethane material, the finish coatings applied, and the environment surrounding the label, it should last from 2 to 10 years or more. Domed labels are a great way to market your brand and image in an eye-catching, innovative way.

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