The Best Marketing Techniques for Working Mums

Are you a working mum that if given opportunity, would definitely grab it to have a work from home? If yes, then dwell in this article since it presents the simplest with no cost marketing tactics for mums in business.

Working from home is undeniably advantageous, aside from the fact that you could look after your children, earning an extra income by doing it in the comfort of your own place and pace is definitely a great boon! No wonder! Many Australian Businesses are established by working mums – 40% of which is run by women who have children under 15 years old.

However, managing and running your own business is pretty intricate especially for working mums with unpredictable and irregular schedule.

Unless you have already returned the workforce, or better yet you have been offered a start-up capital to start to, chances are your marketing budget is next to nothing.

So for those entrepreneurs: how do you get the word out there, without spending an entire year’s worth of nappies on an advertisement on national TV?

To help you in your new venture, listed below are the free-pointers that will boost your visibility in the market that will cost you nothing.

Start Networking:

It’s indubitably true that the best way to spread the word is to start telling your family and friends about your business. There are lots of women communities nowadays that could support you, try to find them, ask around or search them online.

Furthermore, social networking is one of the coolest and the most valuable tool in marketing. So give your best shot! Give yourself the chance to explore Facebook and Twitter and learn how to use it efficiently to boost your visibility and produce more leads.

Get Forum Crawling:

It’s good to familiarize how the internet works in creating social relationship with your prospective clients.

People seem to be turning to the internet more and more to find answers. Tapping into this minefield is a great way to communicate with people who are already interested in your product or service. Make sure that you add your email and website at the bottom of your post, so if your readers want to know more, they can contact you personally for more details.

Form Strategic Alliances:

Form your own team. Find other businesses which you don’t have direct competition. Team up with them.

With the profuse number of businesses nowadays, it’s not really difficult to find your match that will help and assist you. Great examples of well-matched businesses are Web Company and graphic designer, or massage therapist and a gym. In today’s media-saturated world, do not underestimate the power of personal referrals!

These pointers have been taken from Leah Squire’s new book, Marketing With No Money. Squire is a working mum and founder of the travel site BYO kids (, and winner of Best New Businesses in Australia 2007 and Best Micro Business in Australia in 2008. For more amazing low cost ideas, visit

Looking for more info about women in business, then visit Melissa Khalinsky’s site and discover more about jobs for mums.

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