This Week In WordPress: Nov 11, 2011This Week In WordPress: Nov 11, 2011 - Max FoundryMobile Web Development at Texas A&MMobile Web vs. Native Apps. Revisited

The idea that the mobile network can grow so enormous, so fast, is incredible in itself, yet this is the handiwork of mobile web content. The building blocks and gene code of mobile web sites, having had a few bumps along the way of mobile web development, now starting to mature with the software languages as well as the hardware advances, taking leaping steps into the future with every passing month.

Originally starting with WML technology, or Wireless Markup Language, this later progressed to include WAP technology, acting as a gateway for the information being transferred to your mobile phone. The low bandwidth and high latency of mobile connections, along with the diversity of handsets posing the biggest of problems. As hardware progressed, so did the coding language or markup language, and this is where the second predominantly used markup language came to be, namely XHTML MP.

Being an extension of HTML, commonly used in web page content, this essentially enables the browser of your device to request a Mobile Profile variant of the web site, to display on your specific model handset, similar to the actual website. In both cases of WML and XHTML MP, you need to understand the technical limitations of mobile browsers along with the frustrations of the user needing to navigate using the keypad.

In considering the overwhelming problem of the hardware range amongst the user population, which both WML and XHTML MP tries to address along with WAP technology, having pristine and exact coding of the mobile web content, even with fast loading and easy to navigate mobile web pages, is not enough to ensure success.

The intended aim and goal of the mobile website, along with the target market it is going for, is of dual importance to consider when writing the actual content, as it involves the direct access of users with any handset they might have, to the mobile website. Keeping the content the visitor interacts with interesting and relevant will bring the traffic needed for success.

Whether informative guide lines to various topics or more in-depth on specific niche topics, along with anything from entertainment, news, games and a thousand other services or information, could attract visiting traffic. This being a more, design and written-word skill set orientation applied to what the mobile content looks like and how it interacts with the visitor, plays a fundamental role in converting the traffic to currency in the world of mobile web content.

This resulting in a simple principle of quality mobile web site content plus traffic equaling sales or revenue. Mobile web development including the content has become the engine that moves and drives the exploding mobile market of putting your content in someone else’s pocket.

Mobile phone web design is increasingly important for businesses. A growing number of prospects and customers will be accessing your products and services through a mobile phone website as opposed to the traditional Internet.

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This Week In WordPress: Nov 11, 2011This Week In WordPress: Nov 11, 2011 - Max FoundryMobile Web Development at Texas A&MMobile Web vs. Native Apps. Revisited