Winning Strategies for Business Success

Think big, Aim high

Customers today are better informed, more discerning and value conscious than ever. The Internet has changed the way we do business, change and change management is a necessary and vital element in all business and the manner it is embraced determines the level of success and often even survival. Maintaining momentum is primarily important. Winning Businesses of today and tomorrow will have clear, concise and understandable strategies in place over a range of business disciplines that will drive their success and secure their future.

The axiom that the more things change the more they stay the same is still true however. We all tend to make things more complicated and difficult than they need to be. It doesn’t need to be that way

The key element to success in any small to medium business success is that it is and remains enjoyable and rewarding to its proprietors and owners. How to sustain the passion that sparked the business flame in the first instance becomes the real challenge. Ultimately business success will be determined and its results measured by the following:

What percentage of your customers did you retain and develop business with during the review period?                              

How many new customers did you gain for your business during the review period?

Did you return an after tax profit?

Did you achieve your budgeted return to stakeholders during the review period?

In a series of articles commencing soon, the Business by Design area of this site  will expand on the one primary element upon which each of the above depends and subsequently on nine other secondary but equally important elements that will ensure the answers you get to those questions each period will reflect success and therefore ensure a profitable future. Don’t miss  one volume of this vital information. Subscribe to the RSS feed now.

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