You Can Save Money With Labor Management Systems.

I hope you’ve already heard about automated time and labor management systems. It’s advisable for you to utilize them because they have a fantastic effect on your bottom line. The main motivation for using this software is your desire to increase efficiency of your business and certainly save money. I should say that these automated labor management systems demonstrate the maximum performance when they address human errors, payroll preparation, employee time theft, manual calculation and so on. Those organizations using automated time systems for the purpose of addressing these issues are able to save up to 650000$ per year if they have more than 1000 employees.

Now let’s illustrate some important features saving money. The vast majority of automated time clock systems offer different features that may not be relevant and important to your current business needs. But if your primary intention is to use an automated system for the purpose of saving money then I can inform you that there are several distinct ways to meet this objective. Let’s mention them right now.

As a business owner you might have already heard about so called “buddy punching”. It’s a serious problem for many business owners. Sometimes one or several employees clock in for one another. It’s usually done with some manual punch clock systems. Badge systems as well as computer systems are also used. In this case information is always available to employees. When one employee is late or even absent at his workplace these systems will simply communicate with another employee clocking them in fraudulently. I should say that there are a lot of ways enabling anybody to cheat time systems. For example some of these ways include claiming to lose badges as well as sharing with co-workers. By the way sharing user ID’s are also available. I should say that there’s the only way to eliminate this annoying buddy punching. You need to use biometrics. You should use special biometric devices providing additional information such as your employee’s name, total hours and so on. Of course there should be a possibility of making backups of your biometric information.

Each time you enter employee timecards right into your payroll application you face one of the most time consuming thing in labor management. I should say that it can take up to three minutes per timecard or even longer. It depends on sick as well as vacation calculations. Unfortunately human mistakes in this case are almost inescapable. I’d like to add that according to recent studies payroll error factors are approximately between 1% and 4% of the total payroll. I’ve just mentioned the basic nuances. Of course there are many other details to be considered. But you can get additional information on the net by yourself.

we are living in the world of high technologies. These days the more your business is automated, the better, particularly in respect of Report Distribution. Reporting is a very important thing. So if you need to automate your reporting activities, you might consider trying Business Intelligence solution. Having reporting automated will lead to minimizing repetitive tasks and saving time and money. Check out this SQL Reporting Services site to get more details.

And keep in mind that we live in the world of high online technologies. It would be intelligent to make use of the web network to find anything on the best terms available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will assist you to solve many issues.

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