Blood Pressure

A very important area of your health..Blood Pressure.

Low Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

There are many different effects that blood pressure can have on a body. Most think about hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure. However having low blood pressure can cause problems as well. Hypertension (low pressure) can be serious and it should be taken care of immediately. Having low blood pressure can affect the brain and result in more serious problems that can at worst be fatal.

The most known reason for having hypertension is having decreased blood volume that is known as hypovolemia. There are many reasons why this problem occurs. Most of them have to do with problems within the nervous system in the brain. There are other causes that include some medicines that have hypovolemia as a side effect. Because low blood pressure has these affects and results in problems with important parts of the body makes hypo tension even more serious than having high blood pressure.

One type of problem related to hypo tension that should be considered is orthostatic hypo tension. This is also known as postural hypertension and is one of the more common forms of low blood pressure. It can occur because of a change in the body’s position. An example would be standing up from a sitting or lying down position can briefly lower the blood flow in the body. Because of this, you can become dizzy, and can be noticed on a regular basis by many. Another more serious type of the syndrome can be brought on by physical and psychiatric medications.

There is another form of hypertension that is less common than orthostatic hypo-tension. It is known as postprandial hypo-tension and will occur 30-75 minutes after you have eaten. Digestion of food can send a large amount of blood to the digestive system and due to this the autonomic nervous system must compensate to increase the body’s heart rate to make more blood pump. Orthostatic hypo-tension can affect the autonomic nervous system, making it even weaker than it already is. Failing autonomic nervous system maybe because of age or something else completely.

Hypo-tension is just as severe as hypertension. Even though the two may sound the same, their effects on the body are very different. However they are both cause for concern and should be checked out immediately especially since having low blood pressure could affect the brain the controlling matter for every part of the body.

In tomorrows essay we will have a look at mean arterial pressure

Mean Arterial Pressure

The blood pressure is in our body is always changing and it is part of the human physiology and biology. It is very rare for a person to have blood pressure that is always the same no matter what. This is true. It is just not going to happen for anyone. The reason behind this is that we do different things like eat, sit and stand, breath differently, move around and do many other things throughout a day.

Every time we do something different, our blood pressure changes. It will react for example to the different position we are in. it is very important that doctors and other professionals have the set rate for each person that relates to blood pressure and what it should be. It is just impossible for anyone to take his or her blood pressure all the time throughout the day. This is where arterial pressure starts. What this is will be the average value for a person’s blood pressure and it will stand for the person’s health and blood pressure on a regular and normal day.

There are different reasons that mean that an arterial pressure is taken and recorded for that person. Not all are related to health. The mean arterial pressure is known as part of a couple of biological processes that do not show any type of health problem. When an arterial blood flow goes through the body it is going somewhere. Usually the blood is pumped through the arteries and left in the beds of capillaries that will run across the surface of different organs and give them the nutritional substances that are needed to operate correctly. This is perfusion pressure and is thought to actually be the mean arterial pressure.

For the mean arterial pressure to allow an organ to operate the way it should, it will be at around 60 mmHg. This is going to be enough to take on an organ for the average size person as long as it is remains at this level. If the value falls below the average, this will mean that there is not enough blood pumping into the organ and this will cause the organ to become alchemic. This will result in tissue damage to the organ. It is a very good idea therefore that the mean arterial pressure be checked and calculated on a regular basis. Different health officials will make it a point to check the value of a person’s arterial pressure when they take a person’s blood pressure. It is just one of the many calculations that have to be made in conjunction with blood pressure that assists our health professional ensure our body performance is at peak.

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