Education-Helping our Children to Learn

Helping Our Children to Learn

Teaching Our Children to Read

Children learn by example. They learn our bad habits, bad words, and bad attitudes. Conversely they also learn from the good things we do as well. Some children do not want to sit and listen to parents read books. I’ve always loved to read and it’s been very important to us as our daughter grew. As a family we have always read to her right from the very earliest age. We realised that she was not listening to me as much as her mother. We tried something different. Her mother started reading to her every evening. Pretty soon, our daughter was ready to sit down anytime and listen to a story. She wanted to be just like her mum. She began bringing both of us books and asking us to read to her. It became the highlite of her days and evenings. She really loved adventure and nursery rhymes. Very soon, before she turned two, she was reading nursery rhymes to us and has become a very good communicator, actress and successful business woman. We can encourage learning in our children. Every situation we face can be a learning experience.

The Benefits of learning from reading

Our daughter is now twenty five, has a degree in law and holds a senior risk management position in a major bank at many years the junior of her colleagues. This is in no small way the result of her early reading and story experiences. Teaching our children involves more than just moral and ethical learning, but basic school type learning as well. As you drive down the street, have your younger children pick out specific letters on advertising billboards or read street and building names. Have smaller children choose, then find a specific color.

Various Learning  Opportunities

You can turn dinner time into counting time. For example why not let your children figure out times tables while you set the table. When children can see how the things they learn in school apply to their life at home, it makes learning an enjoyable and “want to do” rather than a “have to do” activity. It helps them become more excited about school too. Find ways to encourage learning in your children, both by teaching and example. Get them excited about learning and as evidenced by our own daughter you can open doorways for them. There are so many opportunities available and so many things to learn from. Make sure your children take advantage of all they can. Be the best example to them in their early years of learning and then see the benefits of that wisdom in their success as they grow and mature .

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