The Power of Thought

I came accross this the other day and thought I would share it with you:

Every thing we do in our life, every outcome; designed or by default happens or is created by us. How you ask?

Our tomorrows are shaped by our thoughts today, so if you want to create a better tomorrow you need to start thinking about that outcome in the present. Hold that thought foremost in your consciousness.

There is of course a bit more to it but that will do for starters. Just think about this…What you are experiencing today is the result of what you were thinking yesterday or earlier. In brief..We define our futures by our thoughts today!

You want to create a crappy weed patch tomorrow?..Hold crappy thoughts in your mind today!

Want to create a magnificent rose garden?..Hold the thoughts of what that wwould look and smell like foremost in your mind today!

Enjoy the video:

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