A Clear Mind And Happiness

Are you happy with your life or, indeed, with yourself? I bet that there are things that you would like to change about both your life and you, yourself – I’ve rarely met anybody who is one hundred percent happy. People sometimes think that if they improve themselves, lose weight, buy a new car, go on a great holiday that, then, they will be happy. That kind of happiness, however, is fleeting and superficial. Real happiness should be lasting and not dependant on having this or doing that.

The only place that you will discover happiness is within. However, that is way beyond the range of the vast majority of people[spin] because the normal person’s ‘within’ is [spin]hidden from them by what psychology calls ‘The Sentry’, a defence mechanism that we all have which prevents other people getting into our subconscious minds where they would then be able to brainwash us. The big problem is that this ‘Sentry’ keeps us out as well! For a very good reason – or, at least, it appears like a good idea until you venture a closer look at how we operate – our beliefs about how the world works and who we are are stored in our subconscious. You wouldn’t want to go messing with that stuff, would you? Or would you? Because most of us believe ourselves to be inadequate at least in some aspect of our lives, most of us are not 100% happy with who we think we are. That’s because our beliefs aren’t based on fact but on an accumulation of what we call the conditioning or programming that we were subject to during what is generally described as our formative years. This programming or conditioning is the source of both your unease with yourself and, just as importantly, everything that you perceive to be wrong with your life currently.

What passes for reality is created by our beliefs – it is our own personal beliefs that automatically dictate our behaviour, our actions, our reactions and our interactions with everyone else. It is through this process that we, ourselves, create our version of reality. What’s going on in your head, at the deepest subconscious level, quite literally creates your life. And it ain’t real, it’s made up from what others did to us or for us during those formative years. So of course you’d want to go messing with your beliefs, because normal beliefs hold normal people back.

You’ve got to go beyond your beliefs. You must get to the inner real you, to find true happiness – that is where you’ll unearth a you that is unstained by the crap of normal conditioning, unspoilt by all the beliefs that mess up our normal lives – stupid beliefs that keep us in our place – like we should know our place, like you have to work hard to be a success, like pleasure/pain principle, that all laughing comes to crying – fill in your own list.

Forget all that nonsense. Indeed, forget about who you believed you were and find out who you really are – and the life that you can really have. Your mind’s obsessed with the normal crap – put a stop to it. I offer my clients various forms of ‘mental calming measures’ – meditation if you will – you’ve got to calm down, wake up and see the light. And then you will find effortless happiness.

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