All Men Live Lives Of Quiet Desperation?

“All Men Live Lives of Quiet Desperation.”

What the fuck? I just heard that today, I swear.

Those are the words of a beaten man accepting failure. Fuck that. I disagree with every ounce of my being. Win or lose, I will never give up the fight. The only way your life is one of quiet desperation is if you let it become that way. I, for one, say No. I will never lead that life. I will always try, I will always put every piece of my being into my dream, I will always demand a destiny I think I deserve and then I will spend every moment and ounce of energy I have trying to reach it. I will never just settle. Settling is for losers. I would rather give it my very best shot and fail than never try.

If you haven’t realized it by now, you will realize soon enough that a lot of people out there tiptoe through their lives, unsure of who they are or what they want, blindly following the demands of society, never truly finding themselves or their calling, until they arrive quietly at their death.

I refuse to tiptoe through life and arrive quietly at my death. I decided a long time ago that I would not be one of those guys. That no matter how much effort or pain or sacrifice it took, I refused to settle. I refused to not actively take part in my life, instead of just going with the flow and finding myself in a place where I looked up and thought “I am so unhappy with my life. How did I get here?”

But here’s the thing: It is very easy to get there without realizing how you got there. Maybe our culture does a poor job of making its youth understand that getting life right is very hard. I can’t stand people my age. I’m young, but I’ve been through so many challenging bouts in life up to this point where I have matured and REFUSE to make excuses by blaming others and outside elements.

It requires a lot of skills to be a success. More than anything, it demands that you be two things: determined to find a path to your personal success, and courageous enough to take it, despite the consequences. Think to yourself: How many people do you know that you can really describe that way? Not many.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s a choice. Success truly is a choice. Every single day, with every single action and every single decision, you pick your own path. Do you read something that educates you instead of watching your tenth Seinfeld rerun? That’s a choice. Do you go exercise like you want to, or do you just drink a Diet Coke and sit on the sofa? That’s a choice.

Do you start writing like you’ve always said you wanted to, or do you just put it off for another day? That is a choice. Do you better your life by enhancing vital and meaningful skills that will complement everything that you do or do you sit around and play NCAA Football 2011 online all day? That is a choice.

When you are arguing with the girl or woman of your dreams that you love and you have been arguing with her for several times in several days, do you give up and stop talking to her or do you ride out the storm, reconcile and make things better by climbing over tough obstacles? Every day you make hundreds of these choices, and when you are 50 and look up to find yourself in a shitty life that you don’t like, you have no one to blame but yourself.

All of you are a bunch of slaves to your own willpower, but furthermore, you are society’s bitch. You pay an excessive amount for shit you don’t even need instead of paying your car payment, and then you wonder why life is so tough. Yeah, sure, I’m only 20 and have no financial responsibilities at the moment, but I sure as hell know what I’m talking about. You dumbfucks who claim you’re so wise, go ahead and prove me wrong. You are all a bunch of dumbasses who live to love to bash me and those who are right, only because you want to flaunt your age, your life, and your bullshit vanity puff facade that is running tired.

Want to be successful? If so, then stop blaming other people for your life fuckups, quit making excuses, and take control of YOUR life. It’s the most challenging problem you will face in the near future, but it’s worthwhile. To me, anyway. To you it’s probably nothing more than a briefly prominent idea that appears to have meaning to you until you wake up tomorrow morning, throwing back beers and pathetically getting overly pissed off at an NFL franchise who couldn’t care two less halfwit shits about you.

Tough love.

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