Depression Is In Your Imagination

Even though the effects of depression might be all too obvious in your life, depression isn’t real. If you believe that you’re suffering from depression, you’re only imagining it because depression is directly linked to your subconscious mind’s obsession with useless thoughts that were impressed upon it during your formative years. It is normal for your subconscious mind to live in the past – everyone’s does – it’s just that the nonsense that yours is focused on is probably a little (or a lot) out of the ordinary. This is not your fault – your subconscious mind was impressed with those thoughts by others, people and events that made you feel bad, guilty, upset during your childhood years.

And although it’s normal for your subconscious to dwell on out-dated deeply-rooted programs, it’s doing you damage – you can see it and feel it in your everyday life. Again, you shouldn’t feel bad about this – everybody’s subconscious mind is doing the same damage – you’re lucky that you have the advantage over other normal people in realizing that you’ve got a problem.

But that problem is solely down to what your subconscious mind is thinking about. What you have to do is drag your subconscious focus away from those self-destructive thoughts and turn your attention to the only time and place that’s real, the one time and place that you can actually live – the here and now. If you manage to turn your attention to the here and now you will experience something that you probably have never experienced before – there’s no such thing as depression, there’s no such thing as anxiety or fear, there’s just a wonderful world full of possibilities and potential – and quantum physics proves that that wonderful world is simply waiting to respond to your hopes and dreams.

Pills or medicine won’t enable you experience the difference between reality and the illusion of stress – they may well make the pain subside for a while but your subconscious mind will always slither back to those thoughts that are not real but just an imprint of a past long gone. The one way that you will experience reality – one without depression – is to learn how to clear your mind. No hassle! Because, as a youngster, you had a totally clear mind – that’s how those bad feelings were impressed upon you in the first place. All you’ve got to do now is re-train yourself to pay attention to what your five senses are telling you, just right now – without putting your subconscious mind’s warped interpretation onto the facts.

I am convinced that the best way to relearn how to focus your mind on to the reality of the here and now is meditation – preferably, for starters, guided meditation. It will take you a while to get into it, it can be difficult, but a little commitment will produce the wonderful benefit of your being able to live your life to the full.

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