Happiness – A Frame of Mind for Life

Nature is Effortless

Happiness is a frame of mind. It is given life in many ways: Be it our health, our prosperity, our spirit, our accomplishments or by the people in our lives whom we love or whom love us. 

What do you do or how do you react when happiness comes knocking?  Do you let it in or is there something that keeps you from even opening the door.  What holds you back?  This is a subject that is worth dwelling upon for a moment.

Most of us have barriers, either real or most likely subconscious barriers that have as their basis the historical, religious, family or social programming we received during our childhood and through our developmental years, even into adulthood.

The key to the door of happiness is found in our feelings of self worth, of self esteem and self respect. Our treatment and understanding of these, whatever they are, will either unlock the door or rust the lock closed forever.

The pages of Life by Design explore the causes and more importantly remedies and solutions that you can use to find the key or keys and to keep the lock well oiled, ensuring that happiness becomes your frame of mind, your life companion.

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