How To Be The Designer Of Your Life!

So I have been rambling on and on lately about how to create your life the way you want it and how it is absolutely in your power to be the designer of your life! Sorry But I cannot ramble enough, it is just so easy when you know how! And being happy is as easy as just deciding to be happy, it really is! Are you ready to learn How To Be The Designer Of Your Life!?

Ok so we have all heard of or seen the secret and we know about the law of attraction, and this is great inspiration for us, allowing us to believe that there is hope and possibility, the problem though is there was important pieces missing from the secret! Maybe we were not ready to accept the whole lot yet, but we are now! I think everyone I talk with, both personally and through business are all feeling the same way, there is an urgency to get on with life and stop wasting it in worry and trauma, this along with the total frustration of our climate is pushing us to reach new heights!

This is fantastic for us, because the knowledge is now out there and available to us all not as in the past only available for the elite! Are you ready to become the designer of your life?

So how exactly do we create what we want and reach our goals painlessly? Is it really that easy! Well you know most of us have these jumping jack minds that race around all day with multiple ideas, its not our fault, that is the way our society has become! But you have to learn How Positive Habits Improve Your Life! !You know how you may have this amazing idea one afternoon and get all excited, you promise yourself you will carry this trough, it will be awesome, but by the time you get home or at the very latest the following day, that enthusiasm has gotten a little damp, and you think oh well maybe? Hey you just gave up on your dream! Don’t blame yourself though, our minds are so full of what we have to do next that we no longer have time to dream! Our dreams are nothing more than flashing inspirations that we cannot hang on to! Well this is what we have to stop and now!

This is absolutely of the utmost importance if you want to create change! You must make some time for you, and it must be precious time used wisely! Sit for a while with your eyes closed and think about your life, the different aspects of it, is there any part you would like to change? I think most of us would answer yes to that one! OK now you decide how you are going to change it, simple!

I know, i know easy said! But when you get this you will be amazed, I promise! The world truly is your oyster!

You must be specific, you cannot keep changing your mind, all thoughts count and produce, if your inner world is confused, then your outer world will reflect that back to you, so make sure you spend enough time thinking about what you want, be conscious and deliberate, think long enough to create the pictures in your mind of the perfect out-come in all its glory! These pictures are like a movie of your situation, you are the director and creator of your movie, you can cut and clip whenever you like and recreate until this movie brings butterflies and complete joy to your insides, if you feel this amazing feeling, you can be sure its the right way to go, if you cannot create any emotion it is not going to happen, you must be able to tune into these pictures and really feel it !

Once you have this perfect movie, keep it firmly present in your mind, write the details down many times, close your eyes and watch the movie several times a day be persistent but patient!

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