How To Start Speaking To An Unknown Person?

As i always say that your life is long journey where everyday we meet many new people. So we need to communicate with them. Sometimes we need to make a connection with them because of our future requirments . If you consider carefully you will understand how many people we want everyday to undestand what we are saying. Do you fail most of the time to make others understand your words. Are you thinking that it is very impossible for you to make others understand your mentality. Is it creating problems for you to live properly. Then, it is right place to learn how to live a better life with everything you want in your life. Now let me tell you what to do when you want to talk to someone.

Suppose you are speaking to someone who is unknown person. You don’t know him and you never saw him before. So how would you create a good impression on that person if you want to talk to him. Most times, people keep themselvs silent as they don’t get words to say even when they have extreme interest to speak. If you face this type of situations in your life, at first think carefully to find out what intresting thing you can start talking about. Don’t just go to that person and start speaking. From a distance, ask that person ‘where are you from? i think i have seen you before. Are you from ……’. Start talking to that person in such a way that the person also thinks that you know him. And by mistake, he is unable to remember you. He would get an interest to speak to you to know how you know him. See, everybody has an interest to talk to such people who show interest in him.

So if you show an interest in that person, he would also start to speak to you. Remember, this type of process would never hurt you anyway in life. Anytime if you want to speak to someone unknown, you can use this type of process to talk to them. I am telling you that in ninety nine percent of cases, it will work. Although it sounds a little idiot like work. But if you are very much interested to talk and you are in a situation where you are not getting anyone to speak to, you can start talking in this way. Although for some people, it doesn’t make any sense, but believe me, it surely works always for life. This is the only reason i would always say, you need to at first understand how to live your life. With that you should also understand how much it is important to live a good life. All all these it is very important to understand my words carefully.

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