Personal Success: How To Handle The Crap In Your Mind

Haven’t you got crap in your head? Undoubtedly you have – we all have. However, if you’re paying attention to all that crap, you’re only creating the crap that you have in your life. You are what you’re thinking. Unfortunately, it’s not just the thoughts that you’re aware of that create your life, it’s a little more subtle than that. Actually, more than anything else, you are what you’re thinking subconsciously. Your subconscious mind runs – or ruins – your life. All your behaviour, every single thing you do, all your reactions and all your interactions – with those who are close to you, friends, workmates and even with people who you don’t even know – are all dictated by your subconscious. And the really big problem is that, because of the way you’re wired, all this happens automatically.

However, you’ve got an even bigger problem. Your subconscious mind is crammed with crap. It’s crap because it’s irrelevant to who you are or what you’re supposed to be doing today. The crap is a hangover from your childhood, when you were young and impressionable – from your formative years. And, even though all the automatic behaviour happens subconsciously, from time to time you actually know that this crap is ruining your life. Sometimes you might feel down, stressed, negative or depressed. You might feel that you’re useless, shy or inadequate. Sometimes, or in certain situations, you might feel anxious or nervous. Maybe you feel that you lack self-confidence or that you’re being dragged down by low self-esteem. But this is just crap created by crap! This is the crap that has your life on hold – and you’re letting it happen by paying attention, whether you know it or not, to the crap that’s buried in your head.

Your own personal crap will not go away – but you can choose whether or not you pay attention to it – either consciously or, in actual fact, subconsciously. This is what personal development or self improvement is all about. You see, as a grown adult, you can actually take control of your subconscious mind – decide, moment to moment, what you’ll pay your attention to. So you have to choose to pay attention to reality instead of letting your subconscious mind just drag you by the nose into ever decreasing circles of crap. The only thing that’s really real in your life – the here and now. The now is where you can actually be the very best you if you could only stop paying attention to all that crap. Pay attention to now – to what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste. This focus will drag your subconscious (sometimes kicking and screaming) away from its default obsession with all the unreal crap. Normally you don’t actually experience anything real because you see it through a fog of crap. You’ve got to clear the fog – it won’t clear of its own accord because it’s your personal fog. Clear the fog by appreciating that it isn’t there at all! There is no fog.

All that’s real is what is here in this moment. So train yourself to pay attention to your five senses – make sense of the here and now instead of nonsense. Your life will never be the same again.

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