Self Improvement – It’s Up To You

I’m always going on about the way so-called “normal” people are mad and that it is up to each of us to “stop the madness”. Having recently spent a day chatting with some long-standing personal development clients with regard to how quantum physics elegantly describes how our universe, our world and our little bit of it – your daily life and mine – really works. What we put in – in energy – we get back out. If, like the normal person, you put almost nothing in (you should be aware that research shows that the normal person only puts 1% of their mental energy into the here and now), don’t be surprised if you, as a normal person, get almost nothing in return.

Energy is only present – so, worrying about the future of dwelling on the past has no impact on energy. The only time that the universe exists is now. And you can only invest your mental energy in the here and now, if you focus your mind or take control of your present state of mind. And you can only control your present state of mind if you’re prepared to take responsibility for yourself. And that’s a big deal. It is obvious to me that normal people are not big enough for that task.

Just listen to the politicians hold forth on the ongoing need to “rescue” the economy from the disaster that has befallen it. What they’re saying is “Hey, it’s not our fault, it’s the fault of an unprecedented ‘fracture in the international financial system’” – that’s an actual quote, by the way – as if the financial system had a mind and will of its own! And, then, spare a thought for the poor bankers, who won’t to take any responsibility on their shoulders either. A few (very few) bankers have actually apologised for the mess – though they’re not sorry enough to return their large salaries, bonuses, pension top-ups or golden handshakes. Pretty much all the bankers that I’ve listened to have blamed the catastrophe that has befallen their noble institutions… on the credit crunch.

Quick question: Is the “fracture in the financial system” some self-created beast in which no one had a hand, act or part? Is the “credit crunch” some monster from the deep with a mind of its own that reared its ugly head to consume all up-standing bankers (and everyone else with them)? Is no one to blame? Will nobody take responsibility? We expect our kids to own up to breaking a cup or having one too many beers – but these so-called adults don’t really lead by example, do they?

And are you responsible? Are your disasters someone else’s fault? Yeah, stuff happens – often we can’t control it – but we can control how we react or, more to the point, act when it comes to the crunch. Time to own up. Time to take responsibility for yourself – for your mind. If you don’t universal energy will give you precious little in return (I’ve had to edit what I really wanted to say or no one would publish this post!) well, pretty much nothing, for your “efforts” – and it will be good enough for you. What goes around, comes around – it’s the Law of Attraction, it’s how the energy that is our universe works.

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