Self Improvement : Want Nothing – Prefer To Have It All

A long-standing client once asked if I was happy. “Yes” I replied “100 percent happy!” Her reaction? “Oh, that’s very sad!” However, happiness is to be found within (where else would you expect to find it?) and just because I’m happy doesn’t mean that I don’t want to achieve more, that I don’t want more out of life. I said “want” but, in truth, what I mean is “prefer”. You see, generally speaking, we haven’t got a clue as to what we really want. And although a self-styled personal development “guru” recently told me that that is why most people are unhappy, how could normal peopleknow what their heart really desires, when all the other normal people around them are judging their happiness based on how they measure up to all the other normal people?

Indeed, some people who single-mindedly knew exactly what they wanted are some of history’s worst nightmares. Adolf Hitler knew what he wanted – in the end it was good for neither him nor anyone else. Pol Pot was single-minded in the pursuit of his goals as was Josef Stalin. We don’t want to follow in their footsteps! You should want for nothing – but prefer to have it all. Indeed, even if all hell is breaking out around you at this moment, if you pause for reflection you will discover an eternal truth – that all is well in this moment, you have everything you need for the perfect life, here in this now. Therefore, the single-mindedness you need is a commitment and determination to live life to the full in the present moment, to engross yourself in now, to invest more and more of your energy into the present moment.

Quantum physics tells us that if you invest more of your energy in the present moment, universal energy will respond to your investment. It works for people like Nelson Mandela just as much as it worked for Adolf Hitler. Energy in – energy out. Psychology also proves that paying attention to the present moment brings about peace of mind. If these are scientific facts, then you need to make absolutely sure that you know what you want – because it could be the worst thing in the world for you and others. Remember the saying“be careful what you wish for”!

That’s my reason for saying that you should want for nothing. You should have preferences to which you are neither attached nor which distract you from the here and now. When you prefer, you point yourself in the right direction but don’t rope you in to a destination to which, if you don’t arrive, you will be unhappy. Preferences are an inner compass. Prefer what’s best for you. Now we don’t know what’s best for us but, having that preference as our goal in life is the best way of ensuring that your mind doesn’t dwell on what you don’t have at this present moment.

And it is the present moment which is paramount importance. It is where you are right now. It is the only place in which you can do your best, be at your most effective. Scientific fact states that it is the only time and place there is. It is the time and place in which universe energy will respond to your heart’s desires – if you could only stop wanting and start living. So, focus on the here and now. Come to your senses – you have five of them, use them to engross yourself in the present moment – and experience how it will change your life.

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