The Art Of Persuasion – How To Get Someone To Do What You Want

Perhaps at one time we have met a person who had a gift with people that left us all surprised.

This kind of person can capture other people’s attention with relative ease and receive their cooperation and support easily too. In this way, he or she can save time in attaining their objectives and goals.

Put differently, this person has great power of persuasion or convincingness. But, What exactly is persuasion? And how can you persuade people to do what you want too?

Persuasion can be defined as the ability to induce beliefs and values into others, influencing their thoughts and their behaviour, either to change, create or reinforce their attitudes.

The art of persuasion is based on communication, which relies on specific strategies. Suffice to know the psychological factors that operate on people and the basic laws of the learning process. The persuader transmits to the listener the information he or she needs to make a given choice in a deliberately way.

To make this happen, the persuader has to place special emphasis on what they communicate, in a way that will be interesting not only to him, but to their listener as well.

Persuasion means influencing or inducing someone to act a certain way or do something we want them to do.
Persuasion also means modifying the beliefs,values or attitudes of our recipient through communication. It’s something like convincing somebody using arguments.

Although there is a very thin line between persuasion and manipulation, in reality they are far from being the same thing. While manipulation means the same as persuasion, the difference lies in that the manipulator applies persuasion techniques only for his own benefit, not caring at all about the other person.

On the contrary, the truly persuasive person aims to demonstrate the other person what might be suitable for them, and actually, the benefits are really mutual.

Paraphrasing Robert Conklin: “Persuasion is accomplished by helping people meet their needs”. That is why for example, we as parents have to demonstrate our power of persuasion with our children if we want to convince them which things will be better for them in the long run.

It’s necesary to clarify that through the employ of the many strategies of persuasion available, you could get somebody you love to acquire a new habit or leave others that are potentially harming him/her, you could get somebody to agree with your point of view when discussing an important issue, you could improve your relationship with your boss or your subordinates, you could also obtain the cooperation and support of your peers whether at work or at college, making you have more success in all areas of life overall.

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