The Simple Way To Change Your Life

It’s up to you to change your life – and only you can do it. It doesn’t matter what’s taking place day to day, what barriers you encounter in life or what worries you think you have. Life’s ups and downs are just that – what goes up must come down and vice versa. And all our highs and lows pass – one way or another. The one constant in our lives is who we can be – not who we perceive ourselves to be, which is an entirely different and misconceived thing altogether.

Sadly, the normal person doesn’t know who they really are or wonders that they could achieve. And if I told you to focus your mind, you wouldn’t know how. The ordinary mind is inundated by its own aimless thoughts and the collective thoughts of herd-like behaviour. But even the whole herd can break free – consider how ordinary people in countries with oppressive regimes like Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt are rewriting the Middle East’s political landscape. And, in the same way, remember the way popular revolt demolished the Berlin Wall. If the apparently immovable objects of entrenched regimes can crumble so effortlessly, then how much easier is it for your own misconceptions about yourself and about your life to vanish.

After all, the only place that your misconceptions about who you are and the type of life you could have are in your head. They may seem real enough, they may create concrete results, often for the worse, in your everyday life – but they are still just the creation of your own infertile subconscious imagination. Psychology confirms that we are conditioned during our childhood by the things that make the biggest impression upon us. And psychology has discovered that you and I are predisposed to being negative. All this conditioning, lurking below the surface of our minds, determines our behaviour, our reactions and, as a result, what others think of us, do for us or to us. What’s lurking in your subconscious creates your life.

With that in mind, how obvious is it that, if you could change your thoughts, you would change your life? The entire edifice of your apparent life would collapse as surely and convincingly as the Berlin Wall. And your life would start afresh. But – and it’s a big but – it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. The Berlin Wall was set in concrete foundations – the foundations of your life are far more subtly cast in your subconscious. So, rather than trying to dismantle the web of thoughts that ties you down, it is far better, far more effective, if you simply ignore their unreality by tuning your focus to reality – the reality of the present moment.

Liberation from all your fears, doubts and worries is to be found by focusing your mind on what you are truly seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting in the present moment. Realize this fundamental truth, learn how to do it and your life will changed beyond all recognition.

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