The Small Changes That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever come across someone who is totally happy with their lives so that they don’t want to change a single thing. Of course, there’s loads of surveys and research that confirm that most people are unhappy in their work, their finances, their weight problem, their fitness or the quality of their personal lives – or all of the above!! In short, normal people are normally not happy. Little wonder that most people find my self help website by Googling Change Your Life.

However, surely it isn’t that simple to change your life – otherwise all those unhappy people would be doing it! After all most people, whilst being unhappy are also afraid of change. So, if you’re one of those people, you’re kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place! The problem is, first of all, that people are afraid of the unknown – even if it is the great unknown that they hope to achieve! And, through painful experience, they know too that, when they’ve tried to make major changes in the past, they’ve failed to hang in there.

I’m writing this post on February 15th – and by now, research confirms, over 90% of people will have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions! And there’s just so many studies that prove just how hard we normal people find it to change. Did you know, for example, that the average membership of a gym is twelve weeks – and in those three months the average new member manages just two visits! That’s not going to make anyone fit!

Now, I haven’t set out to make you even more disillusioned or to tell you that you cannot change your life. I make my living from helping people change their lives. They all ask me how I took such a courageous risk when I moved from my native Ireland – with my wife and three teenage children – to live in the French Alps. My answer is always the same – it was simply the obvious move to make because so many teeny-tiny things had changed in the lead up to what other people perceive to have been a big move. It was no big deal, it was simply the logical next step.

You see, you change your life by changing really small things. That way, your plodding mind – and the normal mind simply loves things to stay the way they were when you were a child – becomes accustomed to change. Little by little you totally disassemble all the things that you want to change in your life and you become so used to change that the things that you want to happen simply happen as that logical next step.

OK, that sounds all very well but where to begin? Start really small – like eat something unusual for breakfast tomorrow – or actually have breakfast! Take a different bus or train. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Switch the knife and fork in your hands at dinner tonight. Mix it up – because you’re all mixed up already – and out of that mix up will arrive the certainty of mind you’ve always been looking for.

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