This Second Will Alter Your Life

Look over the title with care – I’ve written ‘will’, not ‘can’. Your current situation in life right now is as a result of every minute choice that you have made, moment to moment, right up to now. How about an example. I write personal development articles – hundreds of them. Say I woke up earlier feeling tired and didn’t bother doing anything about the way I felt, I might put off writing the next article until tomorrow. That means nobody will ever read the article that I was going to write this morning – and one person who could otherwise have read that article, might just have changed the whole direction of my life. It might be someone well known, perhaps a leader of public opinion who could promote that article as a consequence of which it would go viral and explode the traffic to my website. The possibilities are endless – and the possibilities in everyone’s life are infinite also.

But there’s a big problem. If you even skim any of the research in the science of psychology, you will discover what you probably are not already aware of – all of us make our decisions automatically. Or, more to the point, our subconscious makes our moment to moment choices on our behalf. And, unfortunately, the ordinary subconscious mind makes those decisions based on what a psychologist calls our ‘stored knowledge’. And that’s a very big problem. We learned all the important bits of our stored knowledge before the age of four! As a result you make your decisions today based on so-called knowledge that is way past its sell-by date. The way you behave, your bad habits, how you’re feeling, what you think about yourself, what you think about your life and everyone else you know or meet is all automatically triggered by that out-of-date stored knowledge. In fact, as a so-called normal adult, you never take any real decisions at all. What’s the result? Your life is how it is.

If you consider that each and every choice we make, in each moment along the way, has got us to where we are, we are in fact the authors of our own lives. The wonderful news is that, as authors, we can re-write our own story by starting to take real decisions and, as a result, take real action that really will transform your life – not ‘can’ – will. So, the very next thing that you have to do, do it differently. Something as simple as cleaning your teeth with the ‘other’ hand will rouse you from your automatic sleep and get the show on the road new direction. Because, when you get used to making small choices for yourself, you end up making the big choices that, as a I say, will really transform your daily life.

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